Abydos, the Ancient Necropolis

Abydos is theancient burial site of the Kings of Egypt from the very earliest times, even from pre-pharaonic times. The ancient burial sites are to be found in nearby desert areas, and are largely either inaccessible or the excavations have been covered over to protect them. However, theTemple of Osiris, built by Seti 1, is accessible, and contains amongst other treasures the Abydos King List, or Abydos Table, a list of all the kings since the beginning - only, some names are missing…

Abydos Temple of Osiris: Approach

Hall of many pillars within the temple complex - a Hypostile Hall?

Part of the famous "King List" at Abydos, listing all the kings from time immemorial - supposedly, since some are pointedly missing

Pharaoh Seti I sets up a Djed Pillar to Isis-Hathor

Wall painting showing elaborate ceremonial boat with offerings

The Osireon, integral with the Temple of Osiris. Note the large stone blocks, particularly reminiscent of 4th Dynasty, rather than of New Kingdom construction


Entrance from Temple of Osiris to the Osireon, which is set up to represent a tomb in the Valley of the Kings

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Stone blocks are v. large for the period, suggesting that this construction may have been much earlier… and idea still much disputed.


One of the many, enormous catfish in the sacred lake of the Osireon

D K Hitchins 2015